Die letzten Zeugen - Das Buc


Tafeln 5. Mai

Ernst Flesch

geb. 1928, United Kingdom

“This project is one of the most positive things to come from Austria for many years and will not only help to create goodwill between the surviving refugees and important sections of the present generation of young austrians, but will also improve Austria´s good name throughout the world.” “I came to Great Britain with a Kindertransport in January 1939 and spent the next 4 years as a schoolchild in orphanages and hostels in Scotland. In 1943, at age 15, I left school and went down to live in London, where I had two aunts. I started work immediately in photography. During the last years of the war I was acitve in the youth section of the Free Austrian Movement in London but did not go back to Austria, mainly because my mother, who had survived Auschwitz an Bergen- Belsen, came to London in 1946 and did not want to return to Vienna with the terrible memories. I started teaching in secondary schools in 1959, but continued studying at evening classes at London University, gaining a top grade B.A. in German, and after that a Master`s Degree. A mixed career, but, like many of the refugees from Nazism, by steady hard work an study I managed to build a useful career from nothing in my adopted country.”
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