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Diese Geschichte wurde im Projekt "Die Letzten Zeugen" erstellt.

Dear Letter To the Stars,

I am from Vienna and was asked if I would consider interacting with students from Austria. I was very hesitant. The contact person by phone made it plain I must be comfortable with doing this. There was no pressure.
I thought for some time and decided that yes this was very important to be involved. I made one condition I would write in English but would be happy to receive their letters emails in German. My decision to be involved with "A Letter to the Stars" has been not only rewarding at a purely general level but at a deeper personal one.

I had thought to stay with friends in Vienna and come to Park Hotel every day. My wonderful contact at "A Letter to the Stars" Brigitte Lendl convinced me to stay at the Park Hotel. She was so correct I gained immeasurably by the many conversations and contacts I had. I have made friends from all around the world and will stay in contact with them. It is wonderful to know there are others who shared your fate and have survived and have wanted to meet in Vienna.
Only a small group came from Australia we are a long way away. I had meet Gerti Rothschild at variouse functions in Melbourne we just knew each other. We are after our bonding in Vienna meeting at each others home. I hope to meet with all Melbourne participants soon. It is wonderful at this time in all our lives to make contact with people who have similar experience.

Very special experiences:
I was in Austria 2 years ago and meet Silvia Franke and her mother at a Kur at Marienkron. At the Reception I was thrilled and stunned as Sylvia came to hug me. She is a Psychotherapist and offered her help for Holocaust Survivors. We spoke at length there and by phone. We meet again and will keep in contact.

On the bus to The Belvedere I had a truly remarkable experience. I meet the first person in 60 years that had gone the same way from Vienna via Aachen illegally to Brussels. Although I was 8 ½ the time is imprinted in my mind and body .She and her husband are living in New York.
Susan Pollak (USA) and her daughter and I were having something to eat in the Park Hotel Coffee Lounge. Susan had asked me as I came from Melbourne did I know any Rabbis there as she knew the mother in law of Rabbi Fred Morgan. He is the senior Rabbi of my Synagogue Temple Beth Israel.  We were chatting away about this and other things. We asked for the bill. The waitress said it has been paid. We were astounded a couple from USA on a trip had been so touched by all the had seen and heard. They wanted to do something and paid our bill.
We could not believe it touched us to the quick.

I was in Vienna 2 years ago and as I was 77 years old I visited all the places I could remember a nostalgia tour with many bitter and happy memories. The idea behind "A Letter To The Stars" and the hard work and thought you have put into “Wir Laden Die Uberlebenden Ein” has been an total outstanding success.

Everyone asked why not earlier and when is the next time.

Thank you for helping me come to a positive view of Austria as a whole. I have true friends in Vienna .Erna was able to accompany me for which I truly appreciated.

Warmest regards,
Margit Korn

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