Die letzten Zeugen - Das Buc




(früher Weisberg)
geb. 1936-08-03
lebt heute in Australien

Ermordete Verwandte

Diese Geschichte wurde im Projekt "Die Letzten Zeugen" erstellt.

"I left Vienna on the last kindertransport in mid August 1939 just after my third birthday. I ended up living with my grandparents in England until my garndmother died of cancer. At the age of 13 I came to Australia with my grandfather to live wiyh my mothers sister. I was lucky enough to win scholarships to finish school and attend university in Sydney. My mother died in 1942 in Littmanstadt concentration camp. My father went on an illegal boat to what was then Palestine. After remarrying he returned to Vienna in 1950 the year I came to Australia. I did not see him from 1939 until I married and went to Europe in 1960."

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