"High school students have been making history by researching the stories of thousands of Austrian victims of the Holocaust. They are uncovering forgotten and buried stories and are meeting the Last Witnesses. Dealing with the past in such an intense and personal manner is tremendously important for learning the lessons necessary to create a better future."
Heinz Fischer, President of Austria

"This project is the fulfillment of my dream. The dream of a youth able to step out of the shadow of the past and willing to send a signal against racism and anti-Semitism. These young people are the ambassadors of a new Austria."
Leon Zelman, Holocaust Survivor and Head of the Jewish Welcome Service Vienna

"We are very grateful that you young Austrians are trying to learn from history. Your project provides some reconciliation for us."
Cecilia Kornbluth, Survivor (California)

The students and project organizers have achieved something with this project that never existed on such a broad basis before. As for the survivors – this work brings them peace and inner calm ….
Betsy Anthony, former Deputy Director of the Office of Survivor Affairs, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Washington