The Books

Book I - Letters To The Stars

“A Letter To The Stars – Briefe in den Himmel” documents the impressive research of the first project, including photos from the heartfelt event at the Heldenplatz. High school students aged 11 to 19 from all over Austria participated in creating this unique project of contemporary history:
touching and conciliatory messages from the present sent to our past, for our future.
Published by Verein Lernen aus der Zeitgeschichte, 274 pages, € 19,90

Book II - the Survivors

In our second book, “A Letter to the Stars – the Survivors”, students documented the experiences of Austrian Holocaust survivors. Each encounter holds a piece of Austria’s future.
Publisher Jugend & Volk, 320 pages, € 19.90

And it is even more wonderful when the result is a dialogue with survivors of the Shoah, when the students receive feedback and when both parties – survivors and young Austrians - are able to establish personal contact with one another. I guess this is what they call “Learning for Life”.
Elfriede Jelinek, Nobel Laureate in Literature, on the book “The Survivors”.

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